4 Signs That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Do you suspect that you have a problem with your home's foundation? If so, it will help to look for the following indications that the foundation is in need of repair.


Cracks are likely to form in your foundation walls when you have a problem that needs to be addressed. If you have a concrete wall, you may have random cracks that are forming across the surface. If you have a cinder block wall, you'll see step cracking along the mortar between the bricks. This sort of damage is not normal or okay to ignore, so take action before it gets much worse. If you do not see the cracking on the inside of your home, it may be happening outside instead. Check around the entire home to identify signs of cracking.

Door And Window Problems

Another problem that you will notice is a change in how your door and windows operate. You may remember your windows opening and closing smoothly many years ago, but now they are causing problems. It may be incredibly difficult to open or close a window, which is due to the foundation shifting and being damaged. It has a ripple effect that will extend throughout the walls of your entire home. This is also true of doors, which may stick when you open or close them.

Wall Bowing

It may be worth getting out a level and see how straight your foundation walls actually are. In areas where a home is built on clay, the foundation under the home can shift over time. This will actually cause the walls of a basement to bow inward. The problem will start in the basement but eventually, extend to the upper floors of your home.

Floor Sinking

Another part of your foundation that can change is the floor. There may be a corner of the basement that is now lower than the rest of it. Your basement likely has a downward slope that goes towards a drain in case water gets into the space, but be aware if other parts of the basement start sloping downward in a direction that is not towards that drain. 

If you have noticed one of these problems, call a basement foundation repair service to perform an inspection. They'll be able to tell you if there is a problem with your foundation and offer solutions for how it can be fixed. Problems will be easier to repair if caught early.