Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Appliances In Better Condition

Sure, the brand of kitchen equipment you purchase and its quality has a lot to do with how well the equipment will operate and how long it will last. However, these factors only make up a small part of the puzzle. How well you maintain your kitchen equipment is even more important. Learn what steps you can take to keep your appliances in better shape.

Daily Checklist

Make sure you prepare a daily checklist for your kitchen appliances. For example, an important part of this checklist process should be a weekly inspection of your appliances. For instance, every week, check the seals around the doors of your freezer or refrigerator to ensure they are intact. 

Even a small gap in the seal will cause the unit to work harder to maintain the temperature, which will lead to greater wear and tear. Inspections help you resolve issues before they become larger problems to save you money and downtime.

Clean Equipment

Always make certain you make it a point to clean the equipment in your kitchen. People will sometimes overlook the damage the dirt, grime, and other debris can cause, but it should not be underestimated. Take grease buildup, for example. Airborne grease can cause an excessive collection of grease to settle in the filters inside a vent hood, ice machines, freezers, and refrigerators. 

The grease will cause a clog in the filter, which will, in turn, prevent the unit from ventilating correctly, which can cause it to overheat. Keep in mind; when it comes to equipment warranties, a failure to keep the filter clean can invalidate your warranty. 

Prioritize Repairs

If you notice an issue with any of your appliances, it's essential that you make repairs a priority. The worst thing you can do if you detect a repair issue is to ignore repairs. An issue with a kitchen appliance will only get worse if you choose to ignore it. For instance, if there is an issue with the combustion fan of an electrical fryer, it might work fine in the beginning. However, over time, as the fan functions less efficiently, the risk of severe damage, and even a fire increase. No matter how minor the issue with the appliance might seem, it's essential that you have repairs performed as soon as possible.

In the event of an issue with your kitchen appliances, make certain you make maintenance a priority. Speak with a maintenance professional to schedule service for your equipment whenever there is an issue.

For more information, contact a restaurant kitchen maintenance company in your area.