Why You Might Need To Contact A Water Damage Cleanup Service After A Fire

If your house is hit by a fire, you may have damage from smoke or the flames themselves that will need to be professionally cleaned or repaired. But while the damage caused by the fire may be your top priority, you may also return home to discover another type of damage. In order to put out a fire, you obviously need to use water. If the local firefighters had to douse a significant area of your home in order to put the flames out, your home may also have water damage that will need to be dealt with. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Start with the Carpeting and Flooring

When water is sprayed into your house during a fire rescue, a large portion of it may end up hitting your carpeting or the floor. This could ruin your carpet, and it could also cause significant damage to the floor underneath, especially if you have wood floors. Obviously, the sooner you can get back into the house, the better chance you'll have of salvaging your flooring. If you are looking for a starting point for the water cleanup, take a look at your carpets and flooring first.

Water Drips Down, So Check the Foundation and Basement

If your house was absolutely drenched in water in order to fight a large fire, you are going to have multiple spots to check for water damage when it's all over. Other key areas to pay attention to are your basement and the home's foundation. Water that is shot into the air is of course going to come down, and if enough water is sprayed onto a house that does not have waterproofing, all of that water might eventually drip through the walls down into your basement and foundation.

Be Wary of Mildew and Mold

If you aren't able to clean up the water damage immediately, this could lead to the development of mold and mildew, especially in a place that is already damp or dark, like your basement. For best results when trying to fix water damage after a fire, you will want professional help. A local water damage cleanup service can begin the work of restoring your house. You may obviously have fire or smoke damage to fix as well, but remember that the house will probably not be habitable until you get the water damage taken care of as well. 

Talk to a water damage cleanup company to get started.