Why Smoke Damage from a Fire Can Be Destructive

When people think of the damage caused by a house fire, they imagine the damage caused by the flames burning items that it comes in contact with. However, there is more to be concerned about than the fire itself. Smoke can cause a lot of damage in a home as well, requiring much of your personal property to need professional help restoring the items to how they once were. Here is what you need to know about why smoke damage can be so destructive.

1. The Odor

Your belongings may smell like smoke unless they are professionally cleaned. Smoke can get everywhere, even in closets and boxes that were covered without an airtight seal. The smoke is going to permeate your belongings and cause them to smell horrible for quite some time. Many items must undergo an ozone treatment, where the odor-causing chemicals are oxidized and cause the smell to go away. Even if you get an item clean, the odor may remain unless it's properly cleaned.

2. The Stains

The main items in your home will likely be stained from the smoke caused by a fire. That's due to the smoke carrying soot along with it, which will cause the soot to settle on your items. Any visible surface that the smoke can touch is going to cause an item to be stained. Unfortunately, some items are harder to clean than others.

Fabric items are something that can be cleaned if you act quickly. Your fabric-covered furniture will be covered in soot, and even the clothes in your closet are going to have a layer of soot on the top of them. You could end up with clothes that are stained in the small section of fabric that was on the top side of the hanger. 

Many plastic items will be permanently damaged because the soot permeates the plastic in a way where the discoloration cannot be removed. These items will likely need to be replaced.

3. The Corrosion

That soot is not only going to cause discoloration but leads to corrosion of metal as well. Any silverware is at risk of becoming damaged if you do not act quickly to clean it. Any smoke that gets in electronic devices will cause the metal components to corrode over time as well. The item may work right away when taking it out of a smoke-filled home, but over time the component can break due to corrosion.

If you need help restoring your home after a fire, contact local smoke damage restoration services.