Why You Need New Doors After Repairing Your Home's Foundation

Your home's foundation has just been repaired, and you want to make sure your home is in its best condition following the incident. The best way to ensure your home remains sound is to make sure you have a door installation service company visit your home and replace or restore doors damaged from the foundation damage that occurred at your home.

Why do you need new doors once you have the rest of your home's issues taken care of? Foundation shifting does more than just affect the floors and walls of your home, any supporting or open areas like doors and windows are affected as well. To the naked eye, the doors may appear to be just fine, but replacing them may be in your best interest. Since the door installation work to be done is intricate and time-consuming, hire a professional to install new doors for you. Here are some reasons why you need new doors when you repair your home's foundation.

1. Your door hinges/frames might be damaged or loose

Even minute shifting in your home's foundation causes your doors to become loose or not centered on their hinges. Hinges can get bent and cause small stress fractures in the doors themselves, which can lead to a weakened door over time. Interior doors that are made of wood with hollow centers may be more affected than steel or metal exterior or garage doors.

Your door installation service company will inspect each of your doors and replace the hardware that is damaged most, and replace actual doors or door frames that are destroyed because of foundation shifting as well. Not all your doors will need to be replaced, but they should all be inspected for durability and stability.

2. Your doors may be less new than the other home repairs

If much of your home was damaged in the foundation issues that occurred in your home and the walls and windows were replaced, then it's wise to have new doors installed as well. This way, your home is evenly upgraded and the home repairs all match overall. You can purchase basic doors for the interior, although it's wise to select more durable and fire and water-resistant doors for the exterior of your home.

Your door installation contractor will give you a quote for new doors. Once your new doors are installed, you will notice the difference in both safety and quality you feel in your home overall.