Types Of Damage That Threaten Your Home After A Fire And How A Restoration Company Can Help

A home fire is one of the most stressful disasters you can go through. A fire causes damage in so many ways, and the appearance of your home makes the situation look hopeless. Restoration may be more than you can tackle on your own, especially since it's important to act quickly once your home is damaged. Bringing in a fire damage restoration service is usually necessary. Here's why.

Fire Can Weaken Your Home's Structure

You shouldn't go back in your home after a fire until the fire department says it's safe. Fire damages various structures in your home such as wood stairs, floors, and walls. This makes it difficult to know how to start the cleanup process, but a fire restoration professional has the knowledge and experience to work safely. Attempting to clean up fire damage by yourself could result in injury or exposure to toxic byproducts.

Water Adds To The Damage And Causes Mold

In addition to dealing with fire damage, you'll have water damage to deal with from the fire truck. It's also important to clean up water damage and dry out your house fast if you intend to preserve anything. A concern with dampness is that mold grows in just days in a damp or wet house. Once mold starts growing, the problems are made even worse inside your home. Your home may not be safe to work in without protective gear.

Smoke And Soot Cause Acidic Damage

As if being rushed to clean up water, fire, and mold damage isn't bad enough, a fire also causes damage from acidic soot and smoke. Smoke and soot have to be cleaned up quickly too, or they can damage various surfaces in your home and cause pitting or permanent damage. Plus smoke and soot irritate your respiratory system and are hazards in your house. If they're not cleaned up quickly, the smoke particles and odor can linger for a long time and be a constant irritant.

When your home faces all of these dangerous threats after a fire, you need help from a knowledgeable professional who creates a plan for restoring your home and saving your belongings when possible. Plus, a fire damage restoration company has the equipment needed to clean and dry your house and a crew of workers that can get the important tasks done fast. Your home will probably need a lot of cleaning and removal of ruined debris before the restoration process can get underway that returns your home to its normal condition.