Three Dangers From Water Damage In The Home

Flooding in the home, whether it's caused by torrential rain or from a burst pipe, does more than cause superficial damages. Some aspects of flooding and water damage can also be very hazardous, both to your home and to those cleaning it up if precautions aren't taken. The following are three of the primary hazards to be concerned about in this situation.

1. Electrical Hazards

Electrocution can be a real hazard, particularly if there is still standing water in your home. Avoid using any electrical appliances that are attached to outlets in the rooms affected by the flood, since a short in the wiring could lead to electrocution. If possible, shut off the breaker box to flooded rooms so that there is no chance of a current leading to a hazard. Water damage in wires and outlets can pose a fire risk. Even minor wiring trouble can affect appliances and electronics in the home that otherwise escaped flood damage. A water damage service will need to check all wiring, outlets, and switches to ensure that no water damage has occurred in the area.

2. Mold and Other Toxins

Mold, particularly toxic mold, is the first hazard many people think of when it comes to water damage. Fortunately, most mold isn't toxic, but it still causes damage and foul odors, as well as posing an issue for those with impaired respiratory systems. There are other toxins to worry about, as well. Flooding from sewer pipe leaks means that there is highly toxic raw sewage, along with the bacteria and germs it carries, in your home. Floodwaters can also bring in bacteria and germs. Further, there is always the danger that there are hazardous chemicals in the water, either from stored cleaners and paints in the home or from outside, in the event of a flood.

3. Structural Failure

Just because the visible surfaces are dry doesn't mean that the water is gone nor that the damage is properly addressed. If moisture gets into the walls, then slow rot can set in if it isn't promptly dried. Over time, damp wallboard can collapse, ceilings may fall in, the paint will bubble, and even support beams and studs may begin to rot. A water damage service has methods to find moisture in the walls and dry it out, thus avoiding structural failure.

Fortunately, a professional water damage restoration service is well aware of the hazards and how to avoid them. Contact a service for water damage cleanup in the event flooding affects your home.