Areas Of Your Home You Can Protect With A Professional Maintenance Service

Your home contains many different systems, components, and areas that can get dirty, wear out, and need maintenance on a regular basis. When you neglect any area of your home, such as your roof's gutters, it can lead to problems in your home, like roof drainage issues that cause interior leaks. A professional service company or maintenance professional is a great option to keep your home systems and areas maintained, clean, and running well, especially when you don't have the time or the opportunity to handle them yourself. Here are some areas of your home that you can keep protected with regular professional maintenance.

Dryer Vents

Your home's dryer vents are used a great deal each time you launder and dry clothing, towels, and bedding. And each time you run your dryer, the fabrics inside the dryer lose tiny filaments and fibers, which collect inside the dryer vent. However, some of these particles make it through the vent clean-out and end up down further inside your dryer's interior spaces and eventually in the dryer vent leading to the outside vent on your home exterior.

When the lint collects it is also heated by the dryer's warm air and can pose a high risk of a fire inside your home and the dryer. Dryer lint fires are much more common than you might think and it is worth cleaning your dryer and its vent out of loose lint. Your service maintenance professional can vacuum out the inside of your dryer's vent space and also the vent hose that reaches to the outside. It is also a good idea to clean out or replace the dryer vent hose, as it can become clogged with debris. Then, once this maintenance is completed, your dryer will run more efficiently and your home will be protected from a dryer vent fire.


The inside of your dishwasher sees a lot of food debris each time you wash your dishes. The food particles that are rinsed off your dishes during a wash cycle flow to the bottom of your dishwasher's drain interior where they can collect. Over time, this debris gets trapped in the collection filter and can lead to further problems in your dishwasher, even making it less effective.

Food debris can promote mold and mildew growth, leave a bad odor in your dishwasher, and cause your dishes to not get as clean as they could. However, with a good dishwasher clean-out by a professional home maintenance service professional, you can have your dishwasher's interior drains, sprayers, and seals cleaned out and disinfected to promote the best health in this much-used appliance. By keeping your dishwasher cleaned out, you will prevent water back-ups that can cause moisture damage in your home.

Look at hiring a professional service to clean your dishwasher's interior every few weeks or once a month. Depending on how frequently you run your dishwasher, the amount of dishes it washer regularly, and its age, your service professional can recommend a good cleaning schedule.

For more information, contact a home maintenance company.