Fire Damage Structural Inspection Guide To Determine Structural Repairs That Need To Be Done When Rebuilding Your Home

The structure of your home can be severely compromised in a fire. Sometimes, this damage is clearly visible, but it can also be difficult to see. This is why it is important to do a structural inspection to determine the repairs that need to be done when rebuilding your home. The following fire damage structural inspection guide will help you determine the structural repairs that need to be done when rebuilding your home:

Look For Settling Problems That May Be A Sign That Heat Fire Has Compromised The Structure

One of the problems that you may have when your home has been damaged by fire is settling. This is often caused by structural components weakening. This can be due to concrete, wood, and steel materials that have been weakened. You will want to use a level and string line to check your home for any major issues with settling that may have been caused by the fire and heat.

Find Problems With Chard Beams And Structural Load Points That Have Been Compromised

The area where the fire was may have the most damage, but sometimes the damage may seem to only be on the surface of materials. If there are chard wood beams, it will usually be better to replace them to ensure that your home's structure is safe. If the damage seems to be more like it is only soot and smoke on the surface, then usually, cleaning the materials will be enough.

Look For Steel That Is Often Used In Construction With Longer Spans And Can Be Compromised By Heat

The steel of buildings can also be damaged by the heat of the fire. This is often due to the heat of the fire. During a fire, the heat can cause the steel to weaken, which may not always be obvious. Therefore, it is sometimes a good idea to have a structural engineer examine the steel beams and posts to ensure they have not been weakened by the heat of the fire.

Look For Obviously Burned And Damaged Structural Members That Will Need To Be Replaced 

There are also structural members that can be damaged by the fire. These include wood framings like stud walls, joists, floor systems, and engineered lumber materials. If any of these materials have been burned, chard, or compromised by heat, they will need to be replaced when rebuilding your home after a fire.

It is important to look for these problems when rebuilding your home to ensure the structure is not compromised and causing hazards. If you need help with these repairs, contact a fire damage restoration company like Personal Touch Services for help repairing this damage.