Restore A Used Mobile Grooming Trailer

Taking your grooming experience to the next level by breaking away from an in-house grooming operation to one that is mobile will allow you to serve dogs and cats who reside in communities all across the region that you are familiar with. If you are purchasing a used mobile grooming trailer, cosmetic and mechanical repairs, as well as cleaning and maintenance steps, should be taken. A working area that is clean and efficient will provide each pet with premiere care that their owner will be pleased with. 

Assess The Inside And Outside Of A Trailer

A hot water heater, a fan system, a water pump, plumbing, and an air conditioning and heating unit are the central components that are necessary to operate your business. Before you purchase a used trailer, each item should be inspected. A business that provides a repair and restoration service will ensure that the items are operating properly and any parts that are worn out or damaged will be identified and you will receive a cost analysis that is necessary for the restoration of an inoperable item.

When shopping for used trailers, inquire about the length of time that particular models were operated by their previous owners. Review the cleanliness of each unit, both inside and out. If there is any body damage, including dents or rust, consider the cost of having these issues remedied.

Your clients will see the outside of your trailer when you pull up into their yard and a compromised trailer body could make a client question your ability to provide a satisfying grooming service, since it may seem that you are uncaring about the image that you are promoting. If you find a trailer that is affordable and that possesses minimal damage or restoration needs, begin compiling a list of cleaning equipment and supplies that are required to clean and sanitize the inside of the unit. 

Add Some Personal Touches

After cleaning and sanitizing the grooming trailer's table, sink, flooring, and walls, use a pressure washer to clean the trailer's body, wheels, and rims. Consider personalizing your trailer by having the name of your business airbrushed along the sides of the unit or by adding custom features to the inside of the trailer.

Padded cushions, a drying station, a new set of grooming brushes, shampoos, scissors, nail clippers, and combs will aid in providing each pet with a custom grooming session. Maintain your equipment regularly and clean all of your accessories or the areas where pets have been seated, after each appointment.