Maintaining Your Home's Core Appliances

A modern home will have a number of different appliances in it that the occupants may depend on using. Unfortunately, homeowners can often find that they have been neglecting some key maintenance for these systems.

Periodically Calibrate Temperature-Sensitive Appliances

Many of your most important and expensive appliances will be sensitive when it comes to temperatures. For example, your refrigerator will need to be able to effectively control its interior temperature to be functional, and stoves will need to be able to be accurately set to the desired temperature for cooking. Over time, the ability of these appliances to effectively control their temperature can deteriorate. However, it may be possible to repair this issue without having major repairs done to the system. For example, most of these appliances will have a calibration mode that will allow you to adjust the temperature controls for the unit so that it will provide the performance that you need.

Clean the Dryer Vent

Your driver can produce vast amounts of lint. While there will be filters in place to catch as much of this lint as possible, some of it can still escape into the main vent of the dryer. As a result, this vent will need to be cleaned every couple of years. Otherwise, it could fill with lint, which could block the flow of air while also posing a major fire risk. Cleaning this vent can be a difficult task for most homeowners, as they will lack the tools needed to be able to clean the entire exhaust vent and the tubing that connects it to the dryer. Luckily, an appliance maintenance service like Golden State Equipment Repair will have the tools to be able to easily and effectively remove this lint.

Service the Garbage Disposal System

The garbage disposal can be an essential appliance for your kitchen, as it can dramatically reduce the risk of plumbing problems due to food washing off plates. However, a garbage disposal system that is not periodically serviced can be at risk of suffering a variety of malfunctions and general problems. Some of these issues can involve foul odors from the drain, clogs, and even the garbage disposal failing. Servicing these systems can be a challenge due to the difficulty of accessing them. Furthermore, mistakes with this can lead to the system suffering major damage the next time you activate it. When it is time to service your garbage disposal, you may be able to avoid expensive plumber fees by having an appliance maintenance contractor service it for you.