Office Damaged By Faulty Plumbing? Do These Things Now

If faulty plumbing leaked water all over your office, you must act fast. Depending on the location of the plumbing leak, the water in your office could harbor bacteria, sewage, and other contaminants. The water may also cause severe mold growth throughout your building. Restore your office with the tips below.

Stop the Leak

If the leak in your office is still present or active, try to stop it as quickly as you can. The water leaking from your faulty plumbing can cause additional damage in your office and/or building. The leak may also travel to structures outside your office and damage them as well.

If possible, allow a plumber to search your office and building for the faulty plumbing pipe. Once a plumber locates the faulty pipe, repair or remove it immediately. You may need to isolate the location until a plumber completes the work.

After you solve the plumbing problem in your building, restore your office immediately. 

Restore Your Office

Although you may not be able to save everything in your office, you can try to restore most of the items you own. If you hire a water damage company, they can help you dry out most of your electronics, furnishings, files, and flooring in your office or building.

A water damage company will most likely assess the situation before they proceed. A company needs to know several things, including whether or not the water is clean or contaminated. If the water is clean, a restoration company will dry out the office and/or building. After the office dries, a restoration company will replace or remove any items in your office they can't save. You may need to have some items physically restored in order to save them. So keep this mind during the cleanup and restoration phase.

If the water in your office and/or building is unclean or soiled, a company will begin the sanitation process. The sanitation process may include cleaning your office or building with antimicrobial treatments, tearing out flooring, or discarding furnishings and equipment. Although this step may be difficult or challenging to face right now, it's extremely necessary. Contaminated items can be harmful and unsafe for anyone to use in the future.

No matter what process or steps a restoration company needs to take, they'll inform you about it right away. 

If your office or building is flooded by faulty plumbing, contact a water damage restoration company and request an assessment or services today