Watch Out For These Potential Hydraulic Seal Problems

Does your company use a lot of machinery or equipment with hydraulic seals? If so, you likely already know that a broken or poorly functioning hydraulic seal could bring your entire operation to a halt. Even if you perform maintenance on your seals on a regular basis, you should still be aware of potential warning signs of trouble. Here are some potential hydraulic seal problems you'll want to keep an eye out for so you can contact a hydraulic cylinder repair expert as soon as possible.

High Temperature Can Cause the Seal to Harden and Crack

Most hydraulic cylinders can get quite hot when in operation. The movement of the machinery generates heat on its own, and then things can get turned up to 11 if you are also moving a hot material through the machinery. For the best results, you will want to keep a heat shield over your seals in order to prevent your hydraulic seals from hardening. If your seal does harden over time from exposure to the heat, it will eventually begin to crack and then your seal will begin to fail.

Failing to Properly Lubricate Can Lead to Additional Wear and a Break Down

Lubrication is hopefully at the top of your mind whenever you set out to perform maintenance on your hydraulics. Failing to properly lubricate around the seal will lead to the pistons or other moving parts causing damage along the face of the seal. Allow this to go on long enough and you'll eventually have a full break down and a seal breach. When in doubt, always add additional lubrication.

Pressure Spikes Leading to a Crack or Fracture

In an ideal world, your hydraulics would always chug along at the same speed and pressure. But sometimes things can go sideways and your machinery might experience a sudden spike in pressure. If this spike causes an additional force to be applied to an area near a seal, you could end up with a crack or a seal fracture. Contact a hydraulics repair expert as soon as possible if your machinery is experiencing pressure spikes.

For Best Results, Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

If you want to avoid a serious issue that could bring your entire operation to a halt, get an experienced hydraulic repair service to come out to your worksite and take a close look at your hydraulic seals on a regular basis. Reach out today to schedule your first appointment. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as HyVal Industries Inc.