4 Important Tips for Dealing with Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage can occur in many different ways in your home. A pipe could burst, your water heater could leak, or you could have forgotten you were filling up the tub. Or your home could be hit by natural floodwater. When it comes to dealing with water damage, no matter the source, it is important that you understand how to act during the clean-up process.

#1: Don't Wait to Clean Things Up

First, when it comes to water damage, don't wait to clean things up. Moisture in your home can quickly lead mold and mildew if you let it fester. The thing with mold is that mold spores are always hiding about, just waiting for the right opportunity to take root and start growing and thriving. Waiting for even 24-hours after you spot some moisture damage in your home means that you are giving mold a 24-hour head start, which you don't want to do.

#2: Turn off the Power

Second, with water damage, be careful with power. If you are not sure if the moisture got into the power sockets or electrical appliances, turn off the power to all rooms that experienced water damage. Have a water damage restoration company or an electrician check out all electronics and outlets before turning on the power. Moisture and electricity just don't mix, so be cautious.

#3: Move Furniture Out of the Area

In order to combat the water damage, clear out the room of all furniture and large items. This will help you help get rid of the moisture in the impacted space. Start by picking up and moving all furniture. Wood furniture can leave wood stains on if left sitting on the floor. Metal furniture can easily rust and leave marks as well. Getting that furniture out of there will also make it easier for you to clean things up. Move the big items first, and then work at getting the smaller items out of the way.

#4: Get Rid of the Water

Fourth, you need to get rid of the moisture. There are lots of ways to get rid of excess water, depending upon how much there is. You can use towels to mop up the water; just dry the towels in the washing machine using the spin cycle; don't put soaking wet towels into your dryer. Use a wet/dry vacuum to get water out of your home. To really effectively remove the moisture, a water damage restoration team can bring in high-level equipment to get rid of all the moisture.

Contact 24/7 water damage restoration companies to learn more about the process.