Is Deck Staining Important? What You Need To Know About It

When you get a deck added to your home, using a deck staining service is a good idea. The stain can leave your deck looking even better while keeping it protected. There are a few things to know about deck staining before having it done by professionals who know how to apply the stain most efficiently.

The Top Advantages of Staining Your Deck

Staining your deck truly makes a difference. It enhances the overall appearance of the wood, giving it a much fresher, updated look. While stain can naturally improve the wood deck's look, it can also protect it from the elements. The wood used on the deck may quickly start to fade and look damaged because of the elements when it does not have a stain coating applied to it. If the sun beats on it for too long, the wood will look old before you know it. However, when you have stain added to your deck, these are problems you can avoid.

What Happens During the Deck Staining Process?

The deck staining process is quite simple. You get to select the color of the stain used. Some people prefer a lighter color, while others choose a much darker color for their stain. Choose an option that you will not get tired of looking at that looks good with the rest of your home. After selecting a stain color, the professionals get to work. They will use a pressure washer to clean the deck. It is necessary to clean the deck before applying a stain to get any dirt off. Once your deck dries from the pressure washing, the professionals can start applying the stain to the wood using a roller brush or paintbrush. The roller brush helps the professionals cover large portions of the deck within minutes. However, they might still need to use a paintbrush to cover the corners of your deck with the stain. You will need to give your deck time to dry before standing on it or using it for anything else. Although it depends on the weather, the deck should dry in less than 24 hours.

If you get a deck, make sure you have it stained by a local deck staining service. Deck staining helps preserve the wood and keeps it looking its best. You get to select the shade used during the deck staining process, and the professionals will handle the rest of the work, leaving you with a deck that looks great with your home.