Attending to Water Damage In Your Utility Room

Your utility room is usually a space where you keep your water heater, furnace, sump pump, and stored items, and not a part of the house that you pay much attention to. That is, until you experience some water damage in this room. You keep your furnace and everything else up high on boards or cinder blocks to keep the water at bay, and your sump pump works hard to remove the water that will inevitably get into this room, but there's one more thing you should have done in this space as well. You should have a water damage restoration service specialist come to your property to ensure that nothing else needs to be done.

Water damage in your utility room is still a big deal because the utility room is attached to the rest of your house. Here are reasons you need to give your water damage restoration company a call about your recurring situation.

1. You don't know what the damage is doing to other parts of the home

If you have water damage that recurs in the utility room, odds are, this water damage is existing in the home's deeper foundation as well and should be addressed. A water damage restoration company does an in-depth inspection of the damaged areas to see how extensive the damage may be and can even track down sources of the damage in the first place. They then work hard to remove the damaged wood, flooring, walls, and other affected areas and make them less susceptible to water damage in the future.

You don't know how much of your home is affected by the water damage happening in your utility room. A water damage restoration company can assist you in keeping more water damage at bay for your utility room as well as other rooms of the house.

2. You don't know if you have mold damage or not

Where there's water, there is almost always mold, and while most molds are not toxic, you still don't want this problem lurking in a moist and warm utility room or closet. A water damage restoration company can identify any mold you might have in your home and get rid of it for you. They can also use commercial fans to remove moisture in the room and give you tips for healthy utility room ventilation so if your utility room should flood again, you can be ready to battle the moisture and keep mold at bay.

Costs for this project will vary so get a quote from various water damage restoration services. A consultation may be free or at a low cost to you.