Restore Your Commercial Roofing With a Silicone Roof Coating

Your commercial roofing contractor can keep up with repairs when the roof on your building develops punctures or loose seams over the years. However, at some point, the roof will be old and out of warranty. In that case, your roof may need more than spot repairs. A good solution for restoring your roof might be a roof coating. Here's a look at why a coating is a good choice for a worn-out commercial roof and how the coating is applied.

Why a Roof Coating Is a Good Choice

A roof coating can extend the life of your old commercial roofing by several decades, as long as the structure of the roof is still sound. It goes over your old roof, so you can avoid the cost of having the old materials torn off. A silicone coating is applied like paint, so the material can ooze into cracks and gaps to get a good watertight seal on your roof.

Since a coating is painted on, it dries to form a single protective layer on top of your building that has no seams. This reduces the risk of leaking and avoids common problems you may have had with seam gaps on your single-ply roof. Plus, a silicone coating is waterproof, so it won't leak even if water ponds on top of it.

Silicone is also quick to apply, and it dries fast. That cuts down on the disruption and labor expenses involved in getting a new roof. A silicone roof coating is white, so it reflects the sun. This helps control energy costs in your building in the summer.

When a Roof Coating Is Suitable

A roof coating can be applied to nearly any type of commercial roofing. One key factor in determining if a coating is suitable for your roof is whether the roof and insulation have water damage. A roofing contractor can determine this through an infrared inspection of your roof that can detect hidden water damage under the old roofing materials.

If your roof has a few leaks and only has scattered damage, the contractor can repair the damage before putting on the coating. If your roof has widespread water damage to the insulation or deck, then a total roof replacement might be a better option.

How a Roof Coating Is Applied

Your old roof is cleaned off to get rid of leaf debris and dirt. Once that's done, the coating can be applied by brush, roller, mop, or sprayer. Depending on the type of coating the contractor uses, a single layer might be all that's needed. However, some coatings may require a primer and a couple of layers of coating to get sufficient coverage.

Roof coatings are a good way to restore commercial roofing, and the coatings come with a warranty for your peace of mind. To learn more, contact companies like Tillotson Enterprise Inc.