Water Damage Restoration: Here's What To Expect

Water damage can be caused by clogged drains, damaged pipes, structural damage, or natural disasters like flooding. When it occurs, property owners can incur hefty losses. However, the extent of the damage can be controlled with water damage restoration. Below are five important steps during water damage restoration:


The first step will involve inspecting the premises to establish the level of water damage. Tools like moisture detectors and hygrometers are used during a damage assessment. Water restoration experts will estimate the amount of restoration required and advise on the best approach to take. They will also identify the cause of water damage and see if the source of water can be stopped. After identifying the type of water contamination, they can provide the measures to be taken. Once a detailed assessment is done, the water damage restoration experts can provide the estimated cost depending on the extent of water damage.

Water Removal

The next step will involve removing standing water. This can be done using different extraction methods, such as portable wet-dry vacuums, submersible pumps, or truck-mounted vacuums. Water damage restoration companies invest in industry-leading equipment that can efficiently absorb all the water from the surface.

Dehumidifying and Drying

The water damage restoration expert has to inspect the premises after the water has been drawn out. During this assessment, they check surfaces that retain the absorbed water to determine if special treatment is required. Items that retain water after the first water removal process are dehumidified to dry out the retained moisture. The restoration experts will occasionally monitor the moisture levels until all your surfaces are completely dry.

Professional Cleaning & Sanitization

After all the water has been eliminated, your property will require intensive cleaning. Depending on the extent of damage and debris left on the surface, your space may need dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or wipe cleaning. The cleaning expert has the right protective gear, tools, and equipment to ensure that your items and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


At this stage, any damaged property can be restored or replaced. The goal of every restoration expert is to return the property to its initial state or even leave it looking better than before.

The duration taken until your property is fully restored will depend on the level of water damage incurred. If the cause of water damage was structural, major reconstruction may be required, which may take time until the safe is safe for occupation. In case you've experienced water damage, get in touch with a water restoration company near you. Contact a company like GraEagle  Construction LLC for more information.