Water Damage Restoration: The Unseen Damage That Still Matters

When you have any type of water damage in your home or business, be it from a leaking pipe in the laundry room, an overflowing toilet, or even a flood from a major storm, the resulting damage is often fairly obvious. However, it's the unseen damage that causes the most concern and should be addressed professionally by a water damage restoration company.

Learn about the water damage restoration your property needs that you may not even see or think about. Call a water restoration company right away for assistance with repairing potentially dangerous water damage in your property.

The water damage under your floors

Even waterproof floors still have minor cracks and crevices in them that water can get into. Once water gets under your floors, the damage begins in the padding and sub flooring underneath. It might take months or even years to fully see the repercussions of a simple water issue in the home, and it will show in the form of moldy or musty floors, warped floorboards, sinking or rotting sub floors, and other ways.

An ongoing water leak, long-standing water in a single area, and tainted water damage on any floor warrants a call to a water damage restoration company. These professionals will work hard to remove the water damage that can be seen in the floors, and they'll remove the existing water from underneath the floors as much as possible.

The water damage in your attic

A leaking roof is a serious matter that a roofing company should address right away. It's also wise to call a water damage restoration company when this damage occurs to ensure the attic insulation, support beams, and ceiling supports are not damaged as well. Proper ventilation needs to be in place to help an attic fully dry out, and any damaged beams, drywall, insulation, or other attic components need to be removed and replaced to protect the structure against further water damage.

The water damage in your basement

Even a basement that is unfinished and has a concrete floor should be taken care of professionally by a water damage restoration services specialist. Cement is porous and will absorb any water it receives, and the exposed skeleton of the basement walls can be susceptible to rot and other problems due to even a small amount of water damage. Your water damage restoration company will work to make your basement as waterproof as possible by sealing exposed areas and providing ventilation to the areas for the best results.