3 Kinds Of Kitchen Damage If You Don't Dry Out A Large Water Spill

If you come home and find a flood in your kitchen due to a hose that popped off your dishwasher or some other cause that's simple to fix, you might feel relieved you were able to stop the flow of water onto your floor. However, stopping the water is just one thing that needs to be done. You have to dry out the wet area, and the sooner it's dry, the better.

In fact, you may need to call in an emergency water damage restoration company to pull water from hidden places and save your home from further destruction. Here is damage that might happen if the water isn't dried out right away.

1. Your Base Cabinets Might Rot

If the bottoms of your base cabinets are wet, the wood might begin to rot if it isn't dried out completely. This could cause the bottoms to warp and fall out. The damp cabinets could even attract destructive bugs and give your kitchen a foul odor.

An emergency water damage restoration company can bring in equipment that blows hot air in the cabinets or that extracts water so the cabinets dry out fast. However, if the cabinets are damaged beyond saving, then the company may need to put in new base cabinets to restore your home to its original condition.

2. The Flooring Might Come Loose

Your floors might be water damaged depending on the type of flooring you have in your kitchen. Water can roll under the flooring and cause it to warp or get loose. A water damage restoration company might use suction equipment attached to floor mats that pulls water from the floor, but if the flooring or subfloor is damaged, the materials might need to be replaced.

3. Mold Might Start Growing

An unfortunate consequence of water damage is often mold growth. The insides of your cabinets or the wall behind your cabinets might be covered in mold. You might not even notice it right away since those areas are hidden. This is one reason quick help from a professional is often needed when your home has water damage. Drying out wet areas fast prevents the growth of mold that causes further damage and that gives your home a bad odor.

A good thing about working with an emergency water damage restoration company is that they can answer calls any day or time of day. Drying out a flooded home is an emergency situation since the longer your home stays wet, the more damage that occurs. While you may want to push water out or mop it up while you wait for the company to arrive, you'll get the best results from the commercial equipment the water damage professionals bring to your home. Contact an emergency water damage restoration service to learn more.