4 Ways Water Can Get Into Your Home And When To Call Professionals For Water Damage Restoration

Water damage comes with costly and devastating consequences. It can happen when you least expect it and spread quickly, causing unfathomable property damage. While having home insurance can help mitigate the financial losses, some water damages need a huge amount of money to rectify. The good news is that water damage can be stopped in its early stages before it aggravates by seeking prompt water damage restoration services. Read on to learn some common ways water can get into your home so that you can seek immediate restoration services.

1. Roof leaks

Your roof protects your home from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, snow, and winds. A leaking roof exposes your home to water from rains and snow. Unfortunately, water can cause costly damage to your dry walls, ceiling, and attic. If you can spot stains on your walls and ceiling, the chances are that you have a leaking roof, and it is just a matter of time you start experiencing symptoms of mold toxicity.

2. Sidings

Your home sidings are something you probably do not think of often. But if the sidings are damaged, old, or weak, water may penetrate, causing costly damage. Have you noticed stains on your ceilings or the walls adjacent to the sidings? If yes, you could be looking at water damage from leaking sidings. If not addressed, water from leaking sidings can cause structural damage. Therefore, you need timely water damage restoration services to save your house and prevent further damage.

3. Clogged Gutters

When you leave your gutters unattended for long, they can get clogged with leaves, algae, and debris. Clogged gutters are a perfect recipe for water damage. Yes, rainwater may overflow and cause damage to your home foundation or floods in your basement. Water from clogged gutters can seep into your home, causing wall and ceiling damage. If you experienced water damage from clogged gutters, get the gutters repaired and call water damage restoration teams to get rid of excess water from your home.

4. Water Leaks

Water can also get into your home if your windows are broken or have defects. Water coming in through damaged windows can lead to mold infestation, basement floods, wall damage, wood rot, or even foundation issues. Schedule water damage restoration before the existing damage snowballs into a catastrophic problem if left unattended.

Water damage endangers everyone in your home, and even seemingly small water damage that is not addressed right away can result in costly damages. If you experience water damage, do not hesitate to call a certified water damage restoration company.