How To Get Rid of Smoke and Fire Odors in Your Home

A fire causes a lot of damage to your home due to the heat, soot, and smoke that's produced. If steps aren't taken to deodorize your home, a fire will leave behind odors that can linger long after the cleanup phase is over. You don't want to be constantly reminded of the fire due to the way your home smells, so fire deodorization is an important step in restoring your home. Here are the steps needed to eliminate odors after a fire.

Remove Fire-Damaged Materials

Removing fire-damaged materials is one of the first things the restoration company will do, but they need to be meticulous about it when the goal is to eliminate odor.

However, some parts of your home that have damage may not need to be removed. They might need to be media blasted to get rid of the surface layer of soot and smoke that holds odors. Dry ice might be used for this purpose. If that's not possible, the wall or other surface might be encapsulated with a coating that seals in odors, so they can't be detected.

Clean The House of Soot and Smoke

Once all damaged materials are removed, it's time to clean up the area. Many of the surfaces of your home will need to be washed and disinfected since soot and smoke can travel far from the source of the fire. Cleaning protects your home since soot and smoke are acidic and will cause damage.

Plus, cleaning also gets rid of the residue covering your walls and other surfaces that gives off smoke odors. While cleaning, the crew may use fire deodorization cleaning products to remove odors as much as possible.

Use Odor-Neutralizing Equipment

Once your home is clean, the restoration company may set up odor-neutralizing foggers or machines that work to break up odors in your home. These neutralize the odors rather than cover them up. They might use ozone machines, but these can only be used when the home is empty. They may set the machines up and let them work for a few days before finishing the restoration work.

Other machines can work while the crew is working, but they don't work as fast. They may also set up air purifiers and scrubbers to clean the air in your home. When done properly, fire deodorization will eliminate odors in your home from the fire so your home can be restored to its original condition and be odor free.

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