Dealing with Basement Floods: What You Need to Fix After a Flooding Disaster

Flooding in the basement is a common disaster that leaves behind damage and destruction. Whether it’s caused by natural disasters such as heavy downpours or poor drainage systems, flooding in the basement can be a nightmare to deal with. After the floodwaters recede, the real work begins as you start thinking about fixing the damage. This post will cover the most common things that typically need fixing after a flood in the basement.

How Do You Stop Water From Coming Up Through A Basement Floor?

If the concrete floor in your basement is damp to the touch or if items sitting on your basement floor are getting wet, there’s water rising up through the concrete. Although concrete looks solid, it has numerous microscopic channels running through it. Water in the soil underneath your home can move up through these channels by capillary action, where it will wind up on your basement floor. When water is rising through your basement floor, you’ll need to fix the problem to prevent your basement from becoming overly damp.

How To Get Rid of Smoke and Fire Odors in Your Home

A fire causes a lot of damage to your home due to the heat, soot, and smoke that’s produced. If steps aren’t taken to deodorize your home, a fire will leave behind odors that can linger long after the cleanup phase is over. You don’t want to be constantly reminded of the fire due to the way your home smells, so fire deodorization is an important step in restoring your home. Here are the steps needed to eliminate odors after a fire.